Butter Live!

"Is that all there is to it?" asked one of the school children from St. Ailbe's School, Tipperary.  "Yes, that's it! You've just made butter" I replied, knowing well the feeling of surprise and satisfaction that comes after you churn fresh white cream into yellow butter for the first time.

And so it was for those of us who took part in last night's Butter Live! online event to celebrate GIY Ireland week. As an experiment in food broadcasting, it involved the viewers in exactly the way I had hoped: together, from around Ireland and abroad, we turned liquid cream into a block of delicious butter.

It was exciting to read articles about Butter Live! from other parts of the world. NPR wrote about it here, Seattle twitter @tablefare wrote about it here and Kristin Leyden, a farmer in Massachusetts wrote about it here.

You can watch Butter Live! below. Please go straight to 10 minutes in for the start. If you make butter, do share your photographs on twitter #butterlive or by email homegrown@ireland.com

My thanks to Imen McDonnell, Alan Kingston, Sarah Fleming and Brochan Cocoman (the dairy farmer who supplied the raw cream).  

[A radio feature on butter I did last year for RTE, which includes an interview with Imen and also Tom Butler of Cuinneog, a brand of butter from Mayo, can be heard here]


  1. HI Ella:
    I just blogged about the whole Butter Live experience! Thanks for telling me about it. We had a fun time. The whole concept just blows me away that I could be watching you make butter as Julia and I made butter an ocean away from each other. Everyone did really great - loved the kids!



  2. Thank you so much for this. I can't believe I have lived 50+ years without knowing how butter is made - fascinating! I'm going to give it a try with my grandson this weekend. Thanks to Kristin for the link.
    All the best from Vancouver Island, B.C.

  3. Great stuff Ella. I love the interactive way you do this. Wonderful that you celebrate Cuinneog Country Butter too. Thanks.

  4. Just watched this and i have to say well done to all, its been an inspiration and i look forward to trying it out