Irish food writing

Last week's History Show, presented by Myles Dungan on RTE Radio 1, focused on recipes and food stories and how they have been recorded over time. Penguin recently published 20 small paperbacks to celebrate 400 years of food writing and Myles spoke with Catherine Cleary (Irish Times food writer) about two of these books: Murder in the Kitchen by Alic B Toklas, and The Chef by Alexis Soyer. (Listen to the full programme here.)

As part of the show, I explored the (short) history of Irish food writing with Darina Allen from Ballymaloe Cookery School, and University College Cork food historian Regina Sexton. Included in the report is audio from RTE's archive. 



  1. After listening to your podcast, I found out that Mercier Press reissued Full and Plenty in 2009 and have ordered a copy, I'm looking forward to reading it.

  2. It's a fabulous book. I've picked up three copies of the original over the years: a first edition for me, one for my mother and, most recently, a copy for my aunt's Christmas present. I love the stories that prefix each chapter!